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Oh Baby [herecomesthesound]

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Who Says Men Can't Have Babies?
Oh God! MPREG! This is a community completely dedicated to fics about knocking up the boys in My Chemical Romance. Why? Because we think they'd make beautiful babies.


1. All stories must involve MCR and male pregnancy (or this community would be kind of pointless, really.)

2. All posts must be put under a cut

3. No harassing other members. Give constructive criticism. Don't be an ass.

4. If you are writing a chaptered story, you must provide links to the previous chapters.

5. It's not required to have a beta, but you should at least use spell check before posting. Typos tend to annoy a lot of people.

Posting Guidelines

Include the following when posting your story:

Title: The title of your story

Author: Your username

Rating: G- NC-17.

Pairing: Who's with who. Obviously if someone has to get impregnated, there's going to be a pairing of some sort.

POV: This is optional, but if names aren't mentioned it's sometimes nice to know whose point of view it's in

Summary: Put either a teaser or a brief description of your story. DO NOT put "you'll find out" or "it's a surprise."

Disclaimer: ex. "I'm not in MCR, I don't own MCR, I don't know MCR.."

Author's Notes: Also optional. Just a few final words before the story starts.